Did you catch the audio teaser for LoudHosts.com at the beginning of the last Web Hosting Show episode? I want to do this thing more often for everybody and anybody. This is all you have to do. Record yourself saying this:

[I]"Hi this is _________ of __________.com and you're listening to the Web Hosting Show, the voice of the Web Hosting world."[/I]

Just give me your Name and domain in the blank spaces. Record yourself saying it, then send it to me at [email]mitch@mitchkeeler.com[/email]. If you send it to me via E-mail, make sure you put in the subject line "Web Hosting Show Teaser". If it is good enough, it will go at the start of the show. This way I get a little more content, and a few more folks out there get a little more of a plug. You can also send it to me via a voice mail on Skype as well. My name on Skype is mitchkeeler.

So get to recording (if you want to, can't twist your arm behind your back) and let me hear what you got.