Ad Usage and Affiliate Programs, Good or Bad?

I figured this would be as good of a time as any to go through some of my E-mails and get some of the most interesting ones answered so that everyone can see and learn from it. Well, learn my thoughts on the matter at least. So should somebody play around with add ads on their Web site? Are affiliate programs good or bad? Let us have a look at the latest edition of the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url].

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Our first question comes from Dominick via Hotmail:

[QUOTE]Great show! I was wondering what you thought about ads on Web sites. I want to start up my own site but don't know if I should put ads or not. Please, let me know your thoughts.[/QUOTE]

Well Dominick, even though this isn't really a Web hosting question, I'll be happy to share my thoughts on it.

Now if you are talking about the ads that have my punch a monkey for a free Playstation Portable, I hate those. I hate flash ads, I hate ads with sound, I hate annoying ads. However, in the last few months I have become a big fan of Google's AdSense ads.

Why? Well because unlike the "punch a monkey" ads, they are usually relevant to the content on the Web site and they usually lead to real Web sites. Not Web sites that ask me for $20 and a referral to five friends before I can see the Web site in question.

So in my opinion, if you want to play with ads, give [url=]Google's AdSence[/url] a try.

Our next question comes from Bobby via Hotmail as well:

[QUOTE]Mitch, my web host has an affiliate program, should I sign up for it? I'm not sure what it is for, but I do like my host so I would like to get more people to sign up there. Thanks.[/QUOTE]

Well Bobby, first let me give a little description about what an affiliate program is.

When a Web host or any company has an affiliate program, that usually means that they are looking for their clients to refer folks (using ads) back to the Web host itself. In return, you might get paid money or some other reward for doing so. I think from both the Web host's point of view and the Web hosting client's point of view, this is a great idea.

If you like your Web host, you want to tell others to use them. So you are getting rewarded in one way or another just for spreading the word. I would say make sure you read all the legal stipulations first, and then if it still sounds good, then give it a shot. If an affiliate program still kind of seems scary to you, then you might just put a link on your Web site back to your Web host yourself. Maybe a small text link at the bottom of the Web page. Either way your Web host should be happy.