Another Web week is done and another Web Hosting Show is ready for download. In this week's podcast we cover everything from wi-fi hosting relations to AIT's CEO giving out his phone number and E-mail address. Two of the hottest topics we discussed on this week's show though were the world's smallest server and GoDaddy's free E-mail accounts.

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One amazing thing I saw this week was a Web server, you know one of those large metal boxes you see in a data center, the size of a head of a match. It is called the IPic and it really does have to be seen to be believed.

[url=]IPic - A Match Head Sized Web-Server[/url]

Here is what they have to say about it on the Web site:
The single chip computer in the above picture runs the IPic web-server, the world's tiniest implementation of a TCP/IP stack and a HTTP web-server. The chip above is a complete micro-computer, and it includes all components of a complete computer on a single tiny micro-chip (this includes the CPU (central processing unit), memory, serial port interface circuitry, and clock oscillator).
So is this a sign from the future? Instead of having massive data centers that have rows and rows of servers, will we be able to store a server under our desk? I'd love to hear your thoughts good or bad on the matter. Send them in to [url=][/url] and if I get enough of them, I might read the best ones on next week's edition of the Web Hosting Show.

Domain registrar and Web hosting provider Go Daddy announced on Tuesday that it would give away a [url=]free Economy Email account[/url] for free with any domain name purchased, transferred or renewed.

This is called taking the rug out from under your competition and beating them over the head with it. Yet another extra service you can get when getting your domain name at GoDaddy.