It is that time of the week again! The time that you throw away your usual Monday worries, kick back and listen to the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url]. I am here to give you yet another sample of some of the things we discussed on this week's Web hosting podcast.

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One interesting Web site I ran across in this past week was [url=][/url]. They are taking a very interesting approach to dealing as the middle man when it comes to fights between Web host and Web hosting client. The following was taken from a thread about written over at the [url=] forums[/url]:

We take reports on bad web host and do a complete investigation. We try to help you negotiate with your host to get you your domain or refunds. We as well sign up for web hosting at places that offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space to actually see if we can add as many files as we can to use up about 10 GB.

As I said before, it is very interesting to see and I hope they do well in the long run.

I think I mentioned it last week when I said that [url=][/url] is becoming one of my favorite Web hosting resources Online. They have everything but the kitchen sink and seem to be adding more as time goes by. They even interviewed me about the Web Hosting Show, some of my other projects, the world of podcasting and whole lot more. So please, read the interview and let me know what you think!

[url=] Interview with Mitch Keeler![/url]

I have really got to talk Matt (the guy who runs things over there) to come onto the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url] so I can turn the tables on him.