MICRO-Kit: Best basic plan for you.

We are always at the forefront of the competition and now M6.NET has a totally new and improved plan that will make your dreams become a reality. Our Micro kit will give you a presence on the web using a powerful platform and world-class network for an amazingly low price. This kit is also suitable for developers to practice their skills at creating and scripting a site before moving up to a larger package.

∑ $4 /mo, No set-up fee

. 2 web sites
500 MB
20 GB (20,000 MB) Transfer).
. Server:
Scripting:: ASP, ASP.NET Framework, CGI BIN, Perl, PHP
Database:: MySql, MS-Access, Excel
∑ Web mail
∑ Control Panel
∑ FTP Logins
∑ Custom Error pages
∑ FrontPage extensions 24 hour unlimited FTP access
∑ 24 Hrs Support(Mon - Fri),8 Hrs support(sat-sun),
FREECALL: 1-866-496-6638
∑ Raw Log File
∑ Stats
ASP Components : ASPmail, ASPImage, ASPsmartupload, ASPhttp, Jmail, ASPupload, and Your Custom components
. 30 Days Money back guarantee

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