We are getting ready to relaunch our already successful site. If it's not broke, don't fix it is usually my moto, but you'll see clearly why we ignored that moto this time. Here is a list of our new features on our site

1. feature your company on the home page
2. add plans, not just company details (FREE!)
3. viewers can search packages (FREE!)
4. viewers can compare hosts (FREE!)
5 improved search features.
6. automated listing (you asked for this, and we delivered, but you pay for
extras such as bold, front page listings etc, and adding basic plans are
completely free!, and that's cheap, but is free for the first 50).
7. special deals are now randomly available (watch site for details) like the
launch offer (see below).
8. allow people to review your company, but we must approve comments, to
illiminate fowl play for your safety
9. Newsletter sign ups.(FREE!)
10. New rating for people to rate your plans. This time viewers can only rate
11. Administer your own banner adverts from your vendors control panel.


Please note that the site is still under construction and we are only posting this notice on select forums to get some hosting companies on there before the launch date. LISTING IS FREE!

WHY BOTHER? well the site was launched less than 10 hours ago and we already have 12 packages and 11 hosting companies listed. NO, it's not a lot, but for 10 hours, that's not bad. Most hosting companies paiid for 'featured' listing ($5) and one front page listing ($25) which means we have $70 already which goes into advertising the site. So effectively, you get your site advertised for free, or small cost, and we take all the money and RE-INVEST.