I was gone last Monday due to the Forth of July, but this week I am back with one heck of a Web Hosting Show for all of you to enjoy. I might be a little sunburned and really tired, but I am ready to put on a good show for everybody who is interested in listening to it. Here are just a few highlights and examples of things that we discussed on this week's edition of the Web Hosting Show.

Here is a question I got last week from Shumon Hakim, a loyal [url=http://www.webhostingshow.com]Web Hosting Show[/url] listener:

First of all I love you podcast. Very informative for beginner web designers. I am trying to host multiple sites under one hosting plan. I don't want to pay for a reseller package. Mainly because the sites are fairly small. I found a hosting service, micfo.com, that will allow me to host multiple sites under one hosting plan. What kind of effect will this have on SEO? Is it good to host multiple sites under one plan? How do robots see the sites? Do they see them as individual sites or on site?

Now I am far from being a search engine optimization expert, heck I don't even play one on TV! As far as SEO goes though, it shouldn't matter in your case, as long as the three separate Web sites have three separate domains. Spiders follow links, so if link A has nothing to do with link B, then it shouldn't see it, even though they are both on the same Web hosting server.

Another thing that we covered on the Web Hosting Show this week was the creation of a new Web hosting blog. The blog is [url=http://www.whgeek.com/]The Web Hosting Geek[/url] and worth checking out. I have been talking about how Web hosting needs more bloggers for some time now. I even wrote an article about it in a past issue of [url=http://www.pingzine.com/]Ping! Zine[/url]. Nice to see some of the ideas I had are taking shape with others out there in the Web hosting world.

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