RealPhpHosting.Com has relaunched to provide hosting with a difference.

Not only do we provide top quality hosting with real prices, we have also teamed up with Charismatic Template Solutions to offer our clients the option of having one of our experienced staff design a web site to suit their needs at a very competative price.

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Our hosting solutions speak for themselves. Our Starter plan comes with 2 gb of disc space with 40 gb of monthly transfer at $4.99/mo or $58.99/year. Right up to our Corporate Plan with 8 gigs of disc space and 160 gigs of monthly transfer for just $10.00/mo or $120.00/year. All accounts are instantly activated once subscriptions are made. This enables you to have your website hosted in a matter of moments.

All accounts come with the latest cPanel and Fantastico releases, which are updated regularly.

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Custom plans are available upon request at our forums, just open today, at where we are always willing to assist you with any questions you may have.