Hello, I thought I'd start a topic for the newbies, with some basic shell commands.

  1. cd
    • Function: Changes the working Directory.
    • Usage: Can be used with full, or relative paths.
    • Examples:
      • cd /home/some_user/www
      • cd www/
  2. mv
    • Function: Moves and Renames Files and Directories.
    • Usage: mv <current filename> <new filename>
    • Examples:
      • mv myfile.zip mynewfile.zip
      • mv /some/directory/bleh.html /some/other/directory/bleh.html
  3. rm
    • Function: ReMoves Files and Folders.
    • Usage: rm <-f, -d> <file or directory name>
    • Examples
      • Removing a directory:
        • rm -d --force dirname
      • Removing a file:
        • rm -f filename
    • Notes: The -f, or --force option is used to disable warnings and prompts. The -d option stands for directory, and must be used to remove directories.

I'll post some more when time permits.