Here is only a sample of the wild and wacky Web hosting fun we had on this week's edition of the [url=]Web Hosting Show[/url]. Everybody in the Web hosting industry from clients to Web hosts themselves need to get one thing through their heads. Put your lawyers and legal teams away when it comes to conflict. I received an E-mail a few days ago from a guy who listens to the Web Hosting Show. He told me about a horror story that he had with his current Web hosting company. These sorts of things happen every single day.

Remember when you were in grade school and you'd see the bigger kids picking on the smaller ones? Picture yourself on a school ground in any city across America. The insults would be flying, and then one side or the other would bring up the one thing you were not suppose to say. The one thing that little kids feared most.

"I'm going to go tell the teacher!"

At that moment, everybody on the school grounds would freeze. "Did he really say that?" some would mumble. "Wow, he means business," others would say. Now lets go back to your modern day dispute between a Web hosting company and a Web hosting client. What is the phrase that you hear now that has the same effect as, "I'm going to go tell the teacher"?

"I'm going to go tell my lawyer!"

That is the part of the conversation where things get a little too heated and people start threatening legal action to the other one. As your Mother used to say, "I don't care who started it!". It can be started on either side. So what are the after effects? Usually both sides calm down, come to a common ground and go their separate ways. I have no scientific facts in front of me, but I am willing to bet that nine times out of ten nothing of legal terms happens. The moral of the story is, let us all try to settle or differences without bringing our legal counterparts into the discussion. It saves us all a big headache and will probably save you some respect with your peers inside or outside of the Web hosting world.

Now on the subject of Web hosting plans, let us just say that it is more than just a little confusing for the new guy on the street. When you go out and look at some of the plans a Web hosting company has to offer you are usually given the huge table of services in alignment with Web hosting plans, then a whole heck of a lot of little green dots or check marks.

The green marks usually represent the fact that you do or don't get that option with your plan. Now most people look at this and say, "Wow, I'm sure getting a lot from my Web hosting company!" Truth be told, you should always compare Web hosting services between two or more companies before you let yourself get too impressed. A lot of what they want you to think is new, different or special services are just about standard with any Web hosting plan you buy these days. So don't buy into the hype, by into the quality of the actual services at hand.

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