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Want budget hosting? With technical support staff that know what their talking about?

We are a small company with huge experience in the hosting field. We've worked with servers all our lives, and have used pretty much every one of the larger competitors in the hosting field.

And one thing was obvious about all the big companies- their support was terrible. Responses we got from them about our hosting accounts and servers were limited, and remote restarts took hours to take place. So, we simply gave up and got our own servers in a datacenter, and we're trying to help other people make a choice- big company, or small, friendly company.

We're experienced, we're fast, we have the resources, our prices are good comparative to any host on the market today.
Any questions?

We believe in the user having total control over what he/she wants- no more, no less, just the right package to suit their needs.

That's why we have a diverse selection of packages to suit anyone with any purpose. We don't bottleneck our users by giving them 100MB of space, and only 50MB of bandwidth like some supplies, and we pull each package full circle with the revolutionary cPanel control center, with a diverse array of single-click setup tools for a huge library of community and e-commerce tools, as well as powerful logging, analysis and access control systems to let you see exactly what your users want.

And with the new Customer-Host Communications system, you can use phpMyChat or EntropyChat to let your users talk to you- get the feedback instantly with powerful chat systems that would cost huge amounts if purchased separately.

Or, you can get a Forum Package- the same tools, same setup, but with a professional installation of InvisionBoard or vBulletin professional forum software.


350 MB Web Space
750 MB Transfer
30 Email Addresses
5 Email Lists
10 Addon domains
20 Subdomains
20 SQL Databases
5 FTP Accounts
Excellent choice for the starter who wants a simple site with a forum etc.

Starting from just 2.00


500 MB Web Space
1000 MB Transfer
50 Email Addresses
10 Email Lists
10 Addon domains
30 Subdomains
40 SQL Databases
10 FTP Accounts.
Perfect for the web enthusiast.

Starting from 4.00


2000 MB Web Space
10000 MB Transfer
75 Email Addresses
20 Email Lists
30 Addon domains
40 Subdomains
50 SQL Databases
20 FTP Accounts
Excellent choice for the professional area, who require large capacity and multiuser access.

Starting from 7.50


5000 MB Web Space
30000 MB Transfer
200 Email Addresses
50 Email Lists
50 Addon domains
60 Subdomains
80 SQL Databases
40 FTP Accounts
Excellent choice for small businesses or organisations looking for a stable collaboration platform.


6000 MB Web Space
50000 MB Transfer
200 Email Addresses
100 Subdomains
100 mySQL Databases
CGI and Frontpage
50 Mail Lists
10 Addon Domains
Perfect for medium to large groups collaborating on content. High Bandwidth.

Starting from 17.50

Reseller Hosting

BlackICE Hosting has long been of the opinion that hosting has only one way to make money back, and that is reselling.

Want to keep your website up, and keep money to support it coming in, whilst increasing your limits and keeping all your options open? Want to keep the powerful cPanel control panel whilst integrating reseller controls seamlessly?

Then BlackICE Reseller is for you. With a huge choice of packages to choose from, you don't have to pay more for something you won't use.

Web Host Manager is the reseller side of cPanel, fully integrating with the control panel. You can limit features, create packages, and with the optional Web Host Manager AutoPilot, you can even automate your hosting- so to make a profit from your hosting, all you have to do is press 'go'!

Our package limits are almost nonexistant, and we don't limit your features- you have near root access to WHM and can change anything. Want to configure support? Simply use the included cPanel Pro support options to let your customers send emails to you, or send it to a program- the options are limitless.


1000 MB Web Space,
10000 MB Transfer,
No limits on anything else!
No package creation limits except your webspace and bandwidth.

Starting from just 7.00


3000 MB Web Space,
30000 MB Transfer,
Unlimited Email Addresses,
Unlimited Email Lists,
Unlimited Addon domains,
Unlimited Subdomains,
Unlimited SQL Databases,
Unlimited FTP Accounts.
Our basic reseller package. You have complete control over everything, and have no account creation limits like some providers.

Starting from 15.00


6000 MB Web Space,
60000 MB Transfer,
Everything else- no limit!
Excellent choice for an upgrade from the Business package.

Starting from 25.00

Teamspeak Clan Servers

* Just 0.30 per slot

* Sold in blocks of ten

* Housed in the awardwinning UK Meridian Gate Datacenter, London

Please contact our sales team for more infomation via the details above.