We draw your attention to a brief review of the main web hosting services in order to help you in finding the most suitable one.This set of findings is done by our own clients on the basis of analysis hosttrade.net hosting-provider and it's business rivals.
Virtual server -the easiest web hosting -plan. Perfect for the informational-site or promotional-site of the company,for the private projects. This service is most often used by small firms, middle-sized companies and individual users.

Virtual marked server
-the most popular service.The further growth of popularity of this service is forecasted by web hosting providers . A corporate sites of large or middle-sized companies and small internet-shops(small industry , private industry) can be placed here.

Sometimes design
-studios,internet -providers and other IT-companies( site-designing companies, for example) with the help of VPS introduce web-hosting to their clients by themselves. This kind of service is interesting for those who want to start their own enternet- business with minimal investment.

Clustering hosting
-hosting with the system of doubling hosting information and DNS recording it on two servers in a such a way that in case of switching off one of the server the work of the hosting is supported by another one.

Marked server
is for the companies which appreciate a stable work with fast traffik and great demand for information security.

Collocation - a disposal of your server on the areas of the data-center owner.For those who wish to accomplish running of the server and it's programme-providing by himself.

"Marked server" and "Collocation" are mostly used by large and middle-size companies, such as IT-companies:informational portals,large enternet-shops,searching systems, ISP-providers, internet-libraries,databasis, mail services,important govermental projects,ets.

We need to point out that many large hosters can not pay attention to every client,especialy if the latter is insignificant. Although administrative programmes exist and they help in automation of many processes of running for host-providers,still one collaborator is able to qualitative attendance of only 150-200 clients,not more. Imagine,what stuff should be in the company with hundreds thousands of clients!

Obvious, that not every such company will deal with small orders and hire for them some extra manager stuff. Charges of placing a small project into the internet are insignificant(more than 50$ a year) ,but salaries for a technical stuff depend on the country of the hosting company.And in many countries this figures have four zeros.

That is why middle-sized hosting companies and beginers are often more loyal and attentive to their clients in order to claim themselve on the market ,to take their place.

25.05.2005Source: Hosttrade.net