I've been listening to a lot of your Podcasts (WebHostShow), and was excited to see a quick 1-min. tip podcast series coming. The first was a bit harsh, well, in your tone it seemed. No, I'm not a little Negative-Feedback B**** like many I've heard you talk about, hehe, but I resell hosting and love WHM/CPanel, and the scripts [i]do[/i] end up out-of-date.

[b]I find it the dual responsibility of the host facility, and host reseller to keep on top of these.[/b] If the host facility is offering reselling with CPanel, and they toss all those scripts up with little or no repeat support, then they're asking to loose their resellers! I myself chose a handful that I would use/support, and I subscribe to their development mailing lists, and RSS feeds - this has trippled my knowledge of these scripts.

My host provider/facility, has had little or no issues getting these fairly up-to-date - when I email them directly with what is out-of-date. I also notice that CPanel script packs are sold by a 3rd-party firm, and again I see another layer of responsibility being overlooked.

I love the one-click scripts, I don't like feeling like they're gathering dust at times. :)

Cool show btw, and honestly I don't care about your accent... it adds character, and I'm from Los Angeles!!! :) ;)