in a nutshell

We started way back in March of 2002 as a free webhost (offering paid accounts to pay the bills). After more than 3 years in the business we did away with our free services (for the most part) and started to focus on our paid services. This allowed us to focus on quality over quantity.

With our "simple is better" attitude, we have won over quite a few happy customers. At Subnixus, we aren't going to try and wow you with pictures of men shaking hands and women with headsets just begging to take your phone call. Instead, we focus on two things: price and support. We believe these are the two things that count when it comes to webhosting. . .not flashy sites and "craaazzzzzy deals".

Our personal touch is what will make you stay. So take the plunge and give us a test today. If you are not 100% completely satisfied during the first 30 days of service, we will refund your money. . .no questions asked.

Personal Plan:
1000MB space
30Gigs of Bandwidth
4 addon domains

Professional Plan:
2000MB space
80Gigs of Bandwidth
4 addon domains

The el Cheapo:
$2.95/month (Must be paid yearly)
300MB space
7Gigs of Bandwidth

The Mini Plan:
$3.95/month (Must be paid yearly)
500MB space
10Gigs of Bandwidth

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