Professional Hosting Package:
This package allows for all normal scripts and windows compatible server scripts. E-mail me to purchase the plan @ Jordan
Monthly Price: 9.95
Web Space: 20,000 Megabytes. (20 Gigabytes.)
Monthly Bandwidth: 50,000 Megabytes (50 Gigabytes.)
Multiple Domain Hosting: 5 Domains.
Unlimited Hits/Visits/Page views: Yes
Sub domains ( 50 Sub Domains.
E-mail Service:
Mail Server: Yes
POP3 E-Mail Accounts: 100 POP3 Accounts.
Web Mail Outlook: Web Access
Integrated Anti-Virus from our server: Unlimited
E-Mail Forwarders & Aliases: 100 Forwarders + Aliases.
Vacation E-mail & Auto Responders: Yes
Catchall addresses:100
Mail Manager (Create/Edit/Delete)
Spam Filters: Unlimited
Site Management - Standard

Web Based Control Panel: Powered by Helm : Version 3.2.3 control Panel.
Scripts (PHP/PERL/CGI): Yes
FTP Microsoft: 250 FTP Accounts.
Site Statistics (1 Per Site): Yes
Virtual Directories: Virtual Directories 5
ODBC / DSN Control: 50
Microsoft Sql 2000 Client connection: 200
MySQL Client connection: 200
MS Access 2000 support: Yes
MS Excel 2000 support: Yes
MS SQL Server 2000 Web: 200
Developer Features:
FrontPage extension 2002: Compatible
ActivePerl 5.x: 1 Per domain (5)
PHP 4.x.x (Last update): 1 Per domain (5)
Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1: Support
Server Side Includes (SSI): Support
MS Data Access Component 2.8
CGI-BIN: 1 Per domain (5)
Secure Folders permissions: 50
Ticket support 24/7 days: Yes.