Hey guys,

I have one last server at ThePlanet datacenter in Dallas, Tx. I have already paid for this server for this month: 04.23.2005 - 05.23.2005

There is nothing on the server and I have already moved the remaining accounts off of it. I am willing to pawn it off for this Month for $100. (I would rather get some money off of it then none). At the end of the month, you can let me know if you would like to keep it, if so, I can transfer it over to you or whatever you would prefer.

The specifications on the server are as follows:

QTY Hardware Component
1 Supermicro \ Dual Xeon - TotalControl RackModule \ X5DPR-IG2+
2 Intel \ P4 Xeon \ 2.8Ghz
2 Hynix \ DDR 266 ECC \ 512MB
1 Unknown \ Onboard \ IDE
2 Western Digital \ 160GB:IDE:7200RPM \ WD1600JB
1 TotalControl \ IPMI \ 1.5

Installed Software
- Urchin Urchin 5
- Redhat Enterprise Linux - OS ES 3.0
- Demarc Sentaurus Client 2.1

Hardware Services
- SM NAS Backup
- Managed Services - Gold

Bandwidth Utilization / Network Connectivity
1. Allowed Bandwidth Usage: 2000GB (Bandwidth type: RAW)
Hardware Object's Upstream Connection: bo09-CAT2950T-24-1 ( Port: FastEthernet0/17
Hardware Object's Upstream Connection: BO09-ROD-5 () Port: FastEthernet0/17
Hardware Object's Upstream Connection: bo09-MGMTNET-1 ( Port: FastEthernet0/17

If you would like to make an offer, just post it.