AHost4Me.com: A Web Hosting Resource for the Web Hosting Consumer.

Our goal is to eventually provide a HUGE resource for web hosting consumers, part of this compliation of resources is a web hosting directory. Adding your link is FREE and does not require a link back to ahost4me.com. The directory is VERY basic at the moment, but that will change once I either a) Hire a designer or b) learn more about MySQL and do it myself.

You can add your listing to multiple directories (as long as they apply to your business)

The directory is at http://ahost4me.com (the design WILL improve, I'm still learning)

There is also a forum located at http://ahost4me.com/forums The forum is geared towards the consumer, but does have a section for web hosts to offer their services. If you sign up on the forums please PM Mike and let him know you are a web host so you can be added to the web host group.

Although there is ad space on both the site AND the forums I am not selling ad space at this time since its a brand new site. If you would like to work out a trade of some kind for add space let me know.

Also, if you have a site that is a good resource for anything web site related, design, tutorials, articles etc and are interested in a link exchange let me know.

Thanks for reading.