AMD 2400 XP
Includes free basic installation of Red Hat, Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS or Debian
80GB IDE Hard Disk
8 *useable* IP Addresses at no charge
500 GB/mo Bandwidth (Fully Burstable)
Free Remote Reboot Port
Server located in the Westin Building in Seattle, Washington.

RENT TO OWN You will own this server after only 12 months of continuous rental.

Bandwidth is Global Crossing and Limelight

First 10 WHC orders get this server for $69/mo $0 setup. Will be setup
within 24 hours of you choosing your OS.

OS Choices: RedHat, CentOS, FreeBSD, Debian, Fedora

*Note* If you want to pay via paypal, choose the "Other" payment method on the order
form and we will email you instructions.

Need to ping test? Ping:


Questions? Call us toll free: (Sales Line) 866-831-1855 Sorry, No IRC allowed