Here comes the inteview with Theresa Stump of

My name is Theresa Stump and I am owner and webmaster of

1. What inspired you to enter the world of Web

My closest online friend has been in the web hosting industry for over
several years now. I learned everything I needed to know from him. It is
was not for him I would have never became interested in the online business
of web hosting.

2. Do you believe the Web hosting business is friendly
or more of a cut-throat one?

I believe both. I have witnessed many individuals share their stories of
hosts that did not care about them or their business. Stories of hosts that
just wanted their money and after that never offered any support. But there
are also friendly hosts which over support and individual attention to each
customers needs. That is the type of web host Hosting Serenity tries to be.

3. Where would you like to see your Web hosting
business ten years down the line?

I would like to see Hosting Serenity the leader in the female hosting
business. I myself am female so I understand female's needs, wants, and
questions, not from a business standpoint but instead from my own personal
experience. There are not many hosting companies at the moment that can
offer that to the female population.

4. There are thousands of Web hosting companies Online
today, what makes your company different? What sets
it out apart from the others.?

We are truly a female-based community. Not company, but community. A quote
from our website is "Why Women's Hosting? Women want quality services at the
lowest price possible. Hosting Serenity offers just that.", and that is what
we believe in.

5. Which do you believe is more reliable, in-house or
out sourced support?

I believe in-house support is the most reliable, because it gives each
customer the individual attention they need. It is very important to us
because then we can follow up with member's questions and concerns in a
timely and personal fashion.

6. In which area of Web hosting do you believe you
serve your customers the best?

I believe we serve customers the best in the support area. Whenever we
receive a support request we reply promptly and give them the answers they
request without any sort of runaround.

7 . If there was one improvement to your services you
could do which is outside of your financial range
right now, what would it be and why?

If I had the financial means to do so, I would upgrade the servers even
further for our members.

8. Describe the support services that you provide?

We offer email, live chat, ticket, and forum-based support. In some
instances even telephone support depending on the importance of the request.

9.Where do you see the hosting industry 4-5 years from now?

I see the web hosting industry constantly growing and prices become even
more competitive. I see over 50% of the population owning at least one
website, whether business or personal.

10. Why did you enter the hosting business?

Because I already had the skills and experience I needed to join the hosting
industry. I felt that it was better to put those skills to use firsthand.

11. What is the best moment of owning a hosting company?

The best moment for me is when a member thanks me. It doesn't matter what
they are thanking me for, but it really means alot to me when I know that I
helped a member and gave them the best service I possibly could.

12. What do you enjoy most about hosting?

Meeting new females with the same interests in computers and the internet as
myself. I enjoy being able to visit my member's websites and join their
communities, and learning more about them.

13. What do you offer your clients which other people do not?

I offer each member the individual attention they deserve. And not just
until the money back guarantee is expired, I personally keep in close
contact with the owners of each account on my servers.

14. Do you have a partner or any "head" staff member?

I still have the guy that introduced me to the web hosting industry one step
behind me to offer me the support I need. He has always been there for me,
every step of the way, and I am grateful to him.

15. What operating system do you use, and prefer?

The server is linux based. I admit it is the only type of operating system
I have ever used for the servers. I would like to eventually offer a
windows server as well.

16. What control panel do you use and prefer?

I use cPanel. It is my personal favorite as I have found it to be the
easiest to use and offers all the features my members and I need.

17. Where do you see your company in five years time?

I see us steadily growing, with more servers and in-house support staff to
help respond to our members. I believe we will be very successful in the web
hosting industry.

18. Where is the future of web hosting going?

I believe the future of web hosting is going to be even more exciting then
ever with technology steadily expanding.

19. What do you enjoy about hosting?

As I said before, "meeting new females with the same interests in computers
and the internet as myself."

Thanks to Theresa for taking to answer our questions.