Hi there,

I am offering STATIC Text Links, text ads and banner ad space on 3 web sites (left column under main menu).

These are 3 sites which are geared toward server owners, server administrators, webmasters and people looking to make their online web sites better. All 3 sites are PR4 and getting traffic.

NOTE: They are scheduled to launch April 1, 2005 - all three at the same time. So they have not launched yet but like I said, they are already getting traffic. Texts and layouts are in the finishing touches right now.

www.adminreviews.com (see location of ad under menu)

These are static ads, so they will not be shuffled around (banners on top, then text ads and text links on the bottom) - First come goes on top and then trickle down. Only 5 of each will be sold.

Banners, textads and links need to be related to one of the sites (so no advertising cars or porn).

Special pre-launch static advertising - your banner or text ad on all three sites for 2 months for only:

Banner (120x90):
Front Page Only: $35
All Pages: $50

Text Ads:
Front Page Only: $35
All Pages: $50

Text Link:
Front Page Only: $20
All Pages: $35

Paypal only and offer is good through March 20, 2005.

PM me any questions or concerns,

Thank you,

Tony Lindkog