I've got some available space on my hosting site: ecshosting net. Along the bottom left of most pages is some empty space, I'm looking to fill it with some 125x125, 120x90 or 120x60 banners.

I'd rather not have any ads for other hosting sites, but I figure that ads for template, graphic and/or logo designers would be a nice addition.

It's not a very high traffic site, I've just started promoting it, so (hopefully!) the traffic will pick up soon. It's PR2 right now, that should go up in the near future.

125x125, 120x90, 120x60 are all $5 per month. Negotiable, of course. I can fit one of each size on each page, and they'll all be rotated. They'll be displayed on every page on the site except for the Support Center.

PM or e-mail me if you're interested.