First off, I would like to point out that very successful hosting/datacenter companies do well by getting a full page color ad in like Wired magazine, which is something I think we all are shooting for a possibility someday. I'm not asking about this type of marketing.

There are a few "arty" newspapers in the area that I'm currently living, and it is a very educated community, with about a 98% literacy rate in the county, and since some of these newpapers get 60,000+ readers per month, I though it might be a decent new customer base, or potential customer base.

I was wondering if anyone here has had success in printed media, or in other forms of advertising. I would have to say that printed and television media are almost untapped resources for the marketing of online-only businesses. I'm just wondering, because it is significently more expensive to advertise in these formats, and if the returns are acceptible, we might consider it.