End of the week teamnet.net sale! We are trying to fill 10 cabinets by 5pm 2/18/2005. If you call and stump us on a reason that our center is not as good as the one your using I will place a new DELL 750 in the rack for 4 months with 1Mb Internap connection for free. TEAM will give you another server for free if you still buy a cabinet! If price is an issue; commit to 3 racks and we can beat any tier 1 provider.

1 RACK $995mrc $0 setup
- 2Mb Internap Bandwidth
- 100Mb Port
- 42u
- 256 ipís (clean class C)
- 20amp
- * 1 yr contract.

Call now for a free DELL server or 2 Mb free for 4months!
Need more space or a different configuration. Get on on the phone or send me an email with what you want and I will make it work for you!
Data center info! www.teamnet.net/freeserver

** This deal is only available with Wade Arnold and Mark Stewart as we are placing our commission on the line for the servers. That's confidence!

ext: 1118 Wade Arnold
ext: 1106 Mark Stewart