Over the past two days I have looked at many different control panels. Some offered less, and some offered more. Which one will be the best? That has yet to be seen. By the end of this article though, you will at least know my Web hosting opinion on the matter. Today we will finalize this control panel round up with Hosting Accelerator, InsPanel, CWIPanel and my final thoughts on control panels in general.

Hosting Accelerator

Hosting Accelerator is another Windows Web hosting server control panel. The end user features are very standard, and lacks of any shock and awe you might have seen with other clients out there. The interface on this control panel though is way too busy. It looks as if they through organization out the proverbial window. Seeing how much stuff you can shove in front of may face is not a good way to make a first impression. For a geek, this might be nice. For somebody new to Web hosting though, this is frightening. Take Hosting Accelerator for a test drive and see what you think!

Mitch's Score: 3/5


Yet another Windows only Web hosting server control panel, InsPanel hopes to offer a new look at the idea. There are many features to be listed, but none of them stick out at me like a sore thumb. The control panel is well organized, with everything in it's place. An average product, but remember there is nothing wrong with that! Take InsPanel for a test drive and see what you think!

Mitch's Score: 4/5


CWIPanel has a message on their front page saying that you can "unleash the power of your Windows server!" Now can you really? Let us have a look. The list of features look much like the other Windows only control panels. However they did not have a control panel demo for me to look at, so there really is not much else to be said. From what I've seen though they look to be about average as it goes for Windows server management.

Mitch's Score: 4/5

Hands down, I believe that cPanel is the best control panel out there today still. I have used cPanel many times for my own Web sites and have never had a problem yet. For Windows hosting, I would pick Helm as my favorite out there today.

Without control panels we would still be doing all these things with Linux commands, paper clips and chewing gum. As the operating system made life with a computer easier, the control panel makes life with a Web hosting account a more pleasant experience.

There are many factors that play into purchasing a Web hosting account, but Web hosting company is only as good as the control panel behind it. By looking at these eleven examples, you should be able to judge which ones might offer you the best results. If you have any arguments, comments, questions or suggestions just let me know and I'll be more than happy to do a follow up article with what you have had to say.

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