In yesterday's article I took a look at cPanel, Plesk, and H-Sphere control panels. All of these got good scores, and I would recommend any of them for you to look for when shopping for Web hosting. Have we found the king of kings just yet? That has yet to be seen. Today we will look at Ensim, DirectAdmin, and Interworx. Can they beat yesterday's selections?


Ensim is yet another control panel that provides support for flavors of Windows and Linux alike. They say that it is for the management of any type of Web site. That is good to know. If they had a dislike for Web sites about the dead parrot sketch from Monty Python, I might be a little mad. The interface is pretty enough, but it comes a little short compared with the options in some other clients. Take Ensim for a test drive and see what you think!

Mitch's Score: 4/5


DirectAdmin claims to be the control panel that is the easiest to use. They do have many features that the other control panels boast about. It appears though that they only support a few flavors of Linux. No Windows support yet. The interface is very pretty and organized, but lacks when it comes to some of the extra features that cPanel or Plesk could provide. Take DirectAdmin for a test drive and see what you think!

Mitch's Score: 4/5


Interworx is another Linux only control panel. There is nothing wrong with this, because there are many more Linux based Web hosting servers out there today. Just by looking through their Web master level features, I would say they deserve to be ranked at the top. One thing that I really like from them is their site usage snapshot. It gives you a chart to look at, right off the bat to see your upstreams and downstreams. The interface is clean, and everything is organized well. Take Interworx for a test drive and see what you think!

Mitch's Score: 5/5


Now we have seen a lot of different Linux only control panels, but what about a Windows only one? That is one thing that Helm provides to the end consumer. There are many customer features to go on and on about, but how does it feel once you get on the inside? It has the standard pretty interface, nothing new there. These control panels are built to be used over and over, so they have to be easy on the eyes. One thing that did get my attention is the ability to see your billing information inside the control panel. That is very nice indeed. Take Helm for a test drive and see what you think!

Mitch's Score: 4/5

Part two is over, but there are still one more segment to go! Tomorrow I will take a look at Hosting Accelerator, InsPanel, and CWIPanel. If you have any arguments, comments, questions or suggestions just let me know and I'll be more than happy to do a follow up article with what you have had to say.

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