Thanks for taking the time to read our shameless plug. I am the lead systems administrator for PerfectSQL.com (a division of perfect10hosting.com). I am not going to make any crazy offers etc, but I am going to tell you a little about what we do at PerfectSQL.com .

PerfectSQL.com is a hosting company geared specifically towards webmasters that want only the fastest and best hosting they can get. We are not the cheapest, and you will never hear the words "blowout", "Super savings", "50% Off!" etc from us. Being the cheapest just doesn't fit our business model, we need to charge appropriatly in order to provide what we promise and still be a profitable and debt-free company. At PerfectSQL.com you will get...

1. Experienced staff, willing to work with you to get your forums and other scripts running 100%. We know what all the settings and tweaks do, and we will get them right for you. I personally have been working with forums since the late 80's, before internet forums even existed. We have been hosting sites under various names since 1997.

2. Dedicated database servers: Your forum's (or other script's) database will run on a dedicated 64 bit dual Opteron server, with 4 GB ram and fast scsi drives. Webservers are p4 3.0 HTs. By running dedicated DB machines we ensure your site will not lag on a single overworked server doing everything.

3. PHP is optimized and we run proprietary caching software to store pages in a compiled state for screaming fast page loads.

4. Scalability: we can help you grow as need arises. If you outgrow our shared plans we will set you up with a custom server or cluster setup.

Any Questions? Email me at sysadmin@perfect10hosting.com, or use the contact form on PerfectSQL.com.

Also, check out the demo MySQL powered forums and Portals we have set up.

Don't see what you need? Email me, Id be happy to work with you in creating a plan to meet your personal needs

Justin Philipson