Dear WHC Members,

We want to invite you to visit our new Advertising Auction,
where you can buy and sell advertising space (banner and links
advertising etc.).
The Auction is free for buyers and sellers.
The start bid for all offers is $1.

The most interesting offers will be listed and on additional sites (forums).

Some offers "Close to end":

Banner Ad 88x31 [1 month] - 9d 09:03
Present price: $3.00/monthly.
Link: ;

Banner 88x31 [1 month] - 12d 19:17
Present price: $1.00/monthly.
Link: ;

Fixed banner 125x60 [1 month] - 26d 10:20
Present price: $5.00/monthly.
Link: ;

Text Link PR4 [1 month] - 56d 11:15
Present price: $3.00/monthly.
Link: .

Thank you!