is running a big promotion to celebrate the opening of our new North America Data Center Locations.

~~~ 3 Data Center Locations in North America ~~~

Find the right DC nearest you:

*Columbus, OH – Tier IV

*Cincinatti, OH – Tier III

*Dallas, TX – Tier III

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~~~ Come & Celebrate With Us ~~~

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~~~ Today’s Featured Product: SRV816 ~~~

This amazing Dell C6220 comes with 64GB of DDR3 ECC RAM and has 2x Intel E5-2620 v1 2.0GHz Hexa Core on his sweet little motherboard. SRV816 is connected with whooping 10GBit/s on the network port. To make sure all your data has plenty of space, this server is equipped with a 2TB 7200RPM SATA hard-drive. And, by the way, don’t worry about the traffic! 25 TB of FREE traffic is always included and you get the chance to even go truly unlimited with our premium bandwidth providers.

Upgrade to 125TB for just $49/month or to 1Gbits Unmetered for just $239/month!!!

{*} In a Nutshell: {*}

{*} Vendor: Dell 6220
{*} CPU: 2x Intel E5-2620 v1 2.0GHz Hexa Core
{*} HDD: 1x2TB 7200RPM Sata
{*} Network Port: 10GBps

This server is available in Columbus, OH and Dallas, TX.
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~~~ Your Unique Benefits With ~~~

“What do I get beyond that?” - you ask? Great question! Besides our terrific and no B$ 24/7/365 Support Team, you will also enjoy:

{*} One of a kind Control Panel! You are in full charge. Start / Stop / Reboot are Re-Install your preferred on the fly. No need to ask us for permission,..
{*} Support through Live Chat, Email, Phone and Ticket Support
{*} 100% Power and Network uptime since over 5 years - who has that?
{*} Fiber Interconnects between our Data Center Locations!
{*} 30-Day money back guarantee
{*} A great variety of truly premium bandwidth providers! (Columbus 30+ carriers, Cincinnati 6+, Dallas 300+!)