I'm just starting up the following sites
and the following sites based on same design but not finished:

I'm *just* starting these sites up and haven't submitted them to search engines yet. I want to have enough content before I make SE submissions and SEO. Top placement (above the fold) is available for 160x80 banners on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The free service will continue for about a month or until these's some activity going on. Client submits request on email form and forms are sent out to hosting companies. I'm willing to provide access to the website CP and email form there-in to display integrity of service.

My plan is to charge $0.25/lead with no more than 12 hosting companies receiving leads. A few below-the fold banners will be available pus text links for ... well ... cheap.

Your company will be on all 4 sites (each marketed differently). There is no upfront costs involved other than a small ($10-$25) deposit once leads are being generated. Your company should provide shared hosting, reseller plans, and dedicated servers, as those are the catagories I'm including.

I'm making these sites because advertising is just too expensive, so I'm making my own sites to advertise on. I will also be bidding on some leads, too, but all leads will be made available immediately to all subscribers.

- Richard Skenderian