Dear Member,

My Name is Randall Cooper and I am the newest Admin at I have been around WebHostingChat since 2005 and been coming and going also. But after a discussion with David I have decided to join WebHostingChat and manage the forum. David needed the help.

Updates for the forum are coming slowly and surely, The theme is buggy and I am trying to fix what I can but some of my tools and options do now work on the backend to moderator the forum so I am looking at ways to improve that. Also, around August 2014 the database suffered an error and would not let you post anything to the forum I have fixed that and am working on getting rid of spam and moderator spam getting to the forum. If I am able to with the blessing of the members I will be updating the forum to Xenforo and really get the community going. Why Xenforo? Its a good software that I like to use and ease of use is great, many communities that have moved over have been very happy with the results.

I will be demoting all staff that currently hold position and selecting new staff members. I have also talked to David about ditching the blog as I do not think WHC needs a blog and there are already plenty of outlets for news and We are partnered with one of them to bring you news but I am not sure about that yet.

If you have any comments or questions please discuss here WebHostingChat 2015