Kevin Smith is the owner of Syrious Hosting. Syrious
Hosting, is here to provide, great customer service, and wonderful services
to you! you can visit us at

1. What inspired you to enter the world of Web

I have always, been interested in providing hosting services for people, it
has been a passion of mine, since I have entered the world of websites, and
webhosting. I think one thing that has been an insperation, is the fact,
everyone always told me to do something with my skills on the computer,
thats all I heard day in and day out, then I found out about becoming a
hosting provider, and I thought it would be something fun, and something to
learn from.

2. Do you believe the Web hosting business is friendly or more of a cut-throat one?

From my experience so far, every one has been very kind, I thought when I
first started, that no one would be willing to help me, becasue I was the
"ENEMY" but, to my surprise, everyone has been very helpful to me, and I am
very thankful for it.

3. Where would you like to see your Web hosting business ten years down the line?
Ten years down the line, I would like to own a few dedicated servers,
hosting, you your family, and your friends.

4. There are thousands of Web hosting companies Online today, what makes your company different? What sets it out apart from the others.?

I have heard that alot of companies, are not really that good with their
customer support, I plan on having excellent customer support, I want my
clients happy, no just semi happy becasue the amazing service, but I want
them to be very happy, with our service, and support.

5. Which do you believe is more reliable, in-house or out sourced support?
That is a great question, I could go both ways here. One in-house, you know
how you support is being taken care of, you have more say in what to tell a
client. Two Out sourced, if you have out sourced support, you have more
chance of having better support, becasue your support will be avaliable more
then just 3 or 4 hours a day.

6. In which area of Web hosting do you believe you
serve your customers the best?

I believe that the service to client ratio has a better bond, I don't like
to think of them as just another client, I would much rather think of them
as my friends, and I don't like to have my friends upset with me, so I will
do what I can to keep them happy at no costs.

7.If there was one improvement to your services you could do which is outside of your financial range right now, what would it be and why?

A couple of dedicated servers. I would love to have a couple of dedicated
servers, because I will have more room and bandwidth to supply my clients
with, and I will have more control over what I want done, and I will be able
to provide reseller accounts!

8. Describe the support services that you provide?

Our support team, is a knowleagable team, that has many years in the web
hosting industry. We are a friendly group, and we are willing to help you
with anything you are having trouble with.

9.Where do you see the hosting industry 4-5 years from now?

I see the hosting industry still growing, I think that it will be like it is
now, but with much more demand. Companys are growing, and starting, they
will need a place to host their website, and I will be there!

10. Why did you enter the hosting business?
I entered the hosting business, becasue I have wanted to provide this
service since I found out it was avaliable for the public to offer. It
sounded fun so I thought why not.

11. What is the best moment of owning a hosting company?

Its fun to tell my friends and family, that I own my own company, and be
able to show them by taking them to my website.

12. What do you enjoy most about hosting?

I enjoy the challenge, to get your name out there, and the challenge to get

13. What do you offer your clients which other people do not?

I can't lie and say we offer anything different, beside that we do not just
want you for a client and his money, but more as a friend.

14. Do you have a partner or any "head" staff member?

Not at this time.

15. What operating system do you use, and prefer?

It really just depends, my home pc's I use windows, but for hosting I would
prefer Red Hat

16. What control panel do you use and prefer?

I think that Cpanel has come a long way in the hosting industry, it is also
all I have used so Cpanel.

17. Where do you see your company in five years time?

I see us hosting many different websites, from personal to corporate.

18. Where is the future of web hosting going?

Hosting, is very big now, but companys are still growing, people are going
to want there name on a website, so they are going to need hosting, the
hosting industry is growing, and will continue to grow, and Syrious Hosting,
plans on being there for you!

19. What do you enjoy about hosting?

I enjoy having a place on the internet where I can give something back.

Thanks to Kevin for taking time to answers to those questions.