Hi all,

HostWhois.com is a web-hosting directory where-in web hosts and domain name services companies are classified based on their regions ( city/state/country ).

We are very much in the beta stages and we plan to launch it on the 1st of January 2005.Submission to our directory is not free, but would be paid.

This way the directory would not be filled with fly-by-night hosting providers. Our inclusion fees are very affordable.

Prices and the benefits of inclusion are mentioned below .....

Christmas OFFER

1. Inclusion for 2 years - $10
2. Life time inclusion fee - $25
3. Home page featured - $10/mon
4. Top banner - $20/mon
Only on home page and a few other pages
5. Leader Board - $25/mon
Only on home page and a few other pages
6. category or subcategory sticky - $10/mon
This fee is besides your inclusion fee.

Benefits :

1. There will be no banner for other service providers displayed on your listing
details pages.
2. You can display your hosting plans, which can be edited any time.
3. Banner Advertising on the site/directory will be limited to only Non-exclusive page ( which are not owned or paid for inclusion ), like home page.
4. you can display your logo and a medium rectangle in your details page.

..... and MORE

Those who signup now will not be charged for the december month, but your paid campaign will be considered to begin from Jan 1st 2005.

If you should be interest in our above mentioned offer ( one or more of the options ), please do contact us with any questions, you should have. We
will be glad to answer your queries.

Our contact email is : webvertise@gmail.com
Suggested subject line for your enquiry : HostWhois Advertising

Good Luck & Cheers