Now for people who would like to advertise please visit for our normal rates and location of ad placements.

For HTTPPoint we are holding a special. 20% off for WHC.

Banners are regularly .50cpm
WHC special is banners at .40 cpm
Minimum impressions to buy is 100,000.
We do not allow flash banners, only jpg png or gif's.
Banners can be either 728x90 or 468x60 and pricing is the same either size.

Text links are regularly $40 a month or $100 for 3 months
WHC special is $30 a month for text links and $75 for 3 months.

For stats please visit;sum?login=phpbbff (please note the drop in traffic the past 3 days is due to the Thanksgiving holiday)
We market to the big 4, which is AUS, UK, USA, and Canada. We receive over 120,000+ ad impressions a day PER a banner spot, not total, that is per a banner spot. If your banner was the only one in that spot you would get over 120,000 impressions in a day.

Your text link and or banner will go on the support forums
the skin demo
and every forum we host which can be found in the directory at

We have only been open since the 9th of Sept and we have been growing really really fast. Get locked in now for text links at the 3 month price before they go up.

All payments are made through paypal. If you have any questions ask and I will reply.