What is Virtual, Reseller and Dedicated Hosting?

In the past I have graced upon the topic of, "What is Web Hosting?" and for some that was enough. Others though saw that the Web hosting world is divided, broken into three parts. Virtual Web hosting, reseller Web hosting and dedicated Web hosting are all three different types of the same thing. You guessed it, Web hosting.

Virtual Web Hosting

Think of virtual Web hosting as the little brother that everybody wants to cuddle. It is the one Web hosting account that is most in demand and most often sold by Web hosts. What is it? Well, it is a small portion of space on a Web hosting server. The Web hosting server is divided up into chunks, each chunk being a Web hosting virtual account. The way the word, "virtual" comes into play is that by dividing the server into smaller parts, each smaller part then acts as a server for a Web site.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller Web hosting shares some similarities with virtual Web hosting. Both are in reality a divided Web hosting server. This time around though, the Web hosting server is divided up into bigger chunks. Here they are each given the power to create smaller "virtual" plans inside of their chunk, limited only by the space and bandwidth they have as a part of the Reseller account.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated is the big daddy, and probably what you think you are getting when you purchase Web hosting server space. Most new folks to the Web hosting world think they are actually given a whole server to call home. In reality they are only given an portion of the server. Dedicated Web hosting is to divide that server up into two to three big chunks. Some Dedicated Web hosting accounts will also give you an entire server to yourself as well.

Which Web Hosting is Right For You?

It really all comes down to two things. What do you need the account for and how much are you willing to pay. The reseller and dedicated Web hosting plans offer you more space and bandwidth than a virtual Web hosting plan, but they will cost you more as well. For most folks a virtual Web hosting plan will do more than enough to cover their backsides. However, with time and expansion, one should not rule out the advantages of reseller or dedicated Web hosting accounts.

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