Ok well we may as well get it out the way. It is always discussed and I feel relativly strongly about it. I am not a fan of war in anyway but I do believe it can be a good thing. Well lets get on to my answer.

I think the war was needed but i think that the US managed it in a very bad way. It has encouraged A LOT of anti-US criticism and has probably increased terrorism instead of decreasing it.

Ok I think it was needed because Saddam Hussain, was a dictator and he was using unfair methods of trials. He was just abusing his power and I do believe their were WOMD (Weapons of mass destruction) at least I think they were there.

I do however believe that Bush and his backers went to war for the wrong reasons. The reasons they had told us were total and utter B*S. If you had not heard there were papers 2 years before the invasion of Iraq about invading Iraq. There was Bush's unfinished business that his son wanted to finish. The fact that the paper refered to a "cataclismic" event.

I believe that the US gov knew what was going to happen on 9/11. They let it happen because
1. What had happened in the election. Bush knew if that happened the whole country would bond behind him and he would have no problems about the election.
2. He wanted to go to war. For what I am not 100% sure whether it was for oil or to finish what his father had started... who knows

so well I think the war was bad basically because of how it was handled. We went to war for the wrong reasons. That is my opinion so now lets hear yours.

Please do not give a one or very simple answer. Back up your answer show that you are rational.