Please be aware that there is VERY limited availablity, so contact me quickly!

Our Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) Solution includes:

  • 15GB Space mounted at /
  • 200GB bandwidth per month.
  • Minimum 256MB RAM, burstable to 768MB.
  • Minimum of 1.5GHz of processing power, burstable to 3GHz.
  • Two IP Addresses
  • Your choice of OS (As long as there is a root_fs available for it)
  • Your choice of UML kernel (As long as there are UML patches for it )
  • FULL root access via ssh
  • IRC processes allowed. IRCd's are allowed, but as long as they are not linked to any large networks (DALnet, EFnet and the like)
  • 0 Setup, 25 a month or 250 a year (Two months free) Automated billing via PayPal Only.

Host Server specification
  • Dual Intel Xeon 3GHz CPU's with HT enabled
  • 1024MB of scarily fast RAM
  • RAID 1 SATA HDD configuration
  • Host Kernel, patched with SKAS for added security and speed with your VDS.
  • Hosted in The Planet data centres, Texas US

Technical Details:

  • Your VDS is powered by User-Mode-Linux (UML) which is regarded as the most powerful and secure method of running multiple linux kernels on a single host.
  • All VDS's are run under a jailed system so your data is secure and safe.
  • VPS's offer a very affordable alternative to a physical dedicated server. It is basically like having your own dedicated server, and you have full control over the software.
  • Bandwidth is monitored using a combination of bandmin and cacti, two highly regarded monitoring tools. Over-usage on bandwidth is billed at 0.50 GBP Per GB. A bandwidth month is the 1st to the last day of every calendar month. If any over-usage occurs, you will be invoiced within 14 days of the end of calendar month. We recommend you run your own bandwidth monitoring tool in case any wrong-billing occurs.

Why do I need a VDS?

A VDS solution is the perfect solution for people/businesses who do not have the finances for a full blown dedicated server. It allows you to have complete control over what software your server runs, which is a step up from a reseller package for example. It can also be used as a stepping stone between web-hosting reseller packages, and a physical dedicated server. Also, Control Panel licenses for software such as CPanel/WHM, are cheaper for VDS than they are for a physical dedicated server (half price last time I checked, as little as $10 a month).

What we do offer:
  • 24/7 response to any technical issues that may arise with your UML instance that our only within our control. Usually within 2 Hours of a request being made.
  • root_fs changes (OS Changes)
  • A guarantee that servers will not be over-crowed, at the moment, there is a limit of 8-10 VDSs per server and this will only go down not up.

What we don't offer:
  • Managed VDS Solutions, which means software security patches must be issued by you.
  • We do not backup any of the UML instances (snapshots), so it's up to you to backup critical files. We do however run RAID 1 across our servers.
  • We can offer a promise that the host machine is very unlikely to go down, but we cannot guarantee that your UML instance will be available at all times, since you have complete control over it (networking, software configuration, everything, and no I am not judging your admin skills ). Our experience will The Planet servers has been tremendous, 99.99% uptime at least! But for you people who know the quality of The Planet bandwidth/servers, this is an offer not to be missed.
  • Any kind of control panel, all VDSs are arranged on a very personal basis.

All VDSs are arranged on a very personal basis (e-mail, MSN, IRC contact). We can only offer a limited number of these solutions.

Please contact me ASAP since the response to this offer has been overwhelming. You can contact me via email (hosting ( AT SIGN HERE ) phucknut ( DAMN DOT SPAMMERS ) net or PM me via this board. We also have an IRC channel @ #CHS-BAM.

Thank you for reading, and please contact me quickly before capacity is reached.