I am selling top & bottom ad-space on my free E-Mail website called Aurora-Mail.com. Since v5 launching 5 days ago, we have had more than 100 new members, and it's growing at around 40 per day!

With thousands of daily impressions, and hundreds of daily unique impressions, it certainly is the right method for you!

This deal is for your ad, on a shared rotation with 4 other ad's. You get 1,000,000 impressions (1,000 CPM) for $500 USD!

Never pay a cent more unless you want to renew or get more ad-space.

This price is for both top and bottom banners.

The website gets about 65% male members and 35% female members, ages mostly between 13 and 30.

To get this offer, please PM me here, or E-Mail me on cmilne@manubis.net.