I am proud to release signups for dynindustry Co-Location service.

We will have a total of 25 U's for this WHT offering.
Coupon code is YNWHCCOLO

Our Premium Bandwith Providers

Internap, Savvis, Abovenet, Nac, Mci, Level3

Our special offering

Each U will cost $50
For Dedicated 10Mbit $750
For Dedicated 100Mbit $4800
All Plans as part of this WHT offering will have a $50 setup.

Plan 1
1U + 1Mbps + 8 IP's = $50+$100

Plan 2
1U + 5Mbps + 8 IP's = $50+$480

Plan 3
1U +10Mbps +8 IP's = $50 +$900

Full racks are availible.

Do you need a server to colocate we also provide servers starting at $1100 for server pricing please email pricing [at] Dynacomp.net.

Talk to a support rep today.