Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate secures your domain and all sub-domains with a single certificate. The Single Wildcard SSL Certificate can be used for * It supports the highest level of SSL security which is a 2048 bit digital signatures and encryption level up to 256 bits. The main benefit of Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate is mobile friendly as well as it provides fast online issuance Service within a minute.

Get a Comodo Wildcard SSL Certificate at just $159.20/yr.

Comodo Wildcard SSL has added one more Best feature is that you can add more Sub Domain at any time if your business needs. And it will be covered with same certificates and we are not taking any additional cost. just copy the same certificate to the new Sub Domain and that will be done within a moment.

Features and Benefits of Comodo Wildcard SSL:

Validation Method : Complete Domain Validation
Highest levels of Encryption : 2048 bit signatures and Up to 256-bit
Browser compatibility : 99.3% + Most popular mobile devices Browser Compatible
Server License : Unlimited Server License
Guarantee period : 30 day money back guarantee
Warranty period : $250,000 relying party warranty
Certificate Ability : Only one certificate to manage instead of many

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