The Nations Network ( has just opened its door's, we are not hosted on our own machine at this current point in time but we will be with in the year, we have plans to open a number of servers across the us and hopefully canada so we can provide hosting in your area for awesome speed.

The orginal plan for The Nations Network was going to be for Gamers Only at low price's, however we have decided to allow anyone to host on The Nations Network, we have a number of package's online and we are always making custom package's, we are more then happy to cut deals and specials where we can, however we will not and do not sponsor people (sorry).

The main reason for this post is to let everyone know that The Nations Network is running a couple specials right now,

Special #1 is a Clan Starter special. what you will receive is 500MBs of webspace and 10GBs of Data transfer a month for $10 a month, you also receive a custom made web template designed for your clan and if need be we at The Nations Network will help maintain your website.

Special #2 is and i know some of you out there might not like the sound of this... Its a Resells package, for information on this package you must contact us directly ( the idea of this package is to help ANYONE create a web hosting company for whatever they want for a very little fee. We will help work around any budget, may it be $10 or $100. We will also help with the registration of the domain(s) and set up a domains reseller account.

I Hope any of you or all of you take the time to visit our website and keep in mind, we are still creating many aspecs of the company page.

R.T. Ronk IV
Founder - The Nations Network