Our VPS servers are incredibly reliable and performance is proactively monitored. GigaTux offers UK, USA and German based VPSs with incredible support, uptime and speed from $12.49, 7.99 or 9.49.

★ All our VPSs offer the following: ★

  • Quality, lightning fast hard drive space on a RAID 10 system.
  • Full burst use of 100Mbps network ports on incredible connections in the UK, USA and Germany.
  • Ability to use all four Xeon E5520/E5620 CPU cores if required.
  • Automatic installs of most popular Linux-based distributions.
  • Initial manual install of any Linux-based distribution.
  • A Xen-based setup, ensuring fair access to resources with no overselling.
  • Additional bandwidth is only 4p/GB.
  • Fantastic support, including custom kernels and general help - see our testimonials
  • Monthly or 3-monthly contracts available (although prices are a little higher than those listed below).

Uno L VPS - 128MB RAM
$12.49, 7.99 or 9.49 per month

128 MB RAM
128 MB dedicated swap
5 GB disk
50 GB data transfer

Duo L VPS - 256MB RAM
9.99, $15.99 or 11.99 per month

256 MB RAM
256 MB dedicated swap
15 GB disk
100 GB data transfer

Trio L VPS - 384MB RAM
12.99, $20.49 or 15.49 per month

384 MB RAM
384MB dedicated swap
22.5GB disk
150GB data transfer

★★★ Quad L VPS - 512MB RAM ★★★
14.99, $23.49 or 17.99 per month

★ Most popular VPS with no setup fees ★

512 MB RAM
512 MB dedicated swap
30 GB disk
200 GB data transfer

Many more VPS packages online available up to 12GB RAM

Who are GigaTux?

GigaTux is a rapidly growing hosting company, launched in February 2007. GigaTux presently has high powered servers situated in London, San Jose, Chicago and Frankfurt. Each location offers very impressive connectivity, with a very low latency, high bandwidth connection.

GigaTux believes in offering clients an honestly priced service, with no compromises on important aspects that matter - reliable storage, quality bandwidth and excellent customer service.

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