A few rules you need to be following.

1. Do not reply to any posts advertising your own products.
2. Do not post your advertisements in this section.
3. Do not post anything illegal such as cc dumps or warez websites.
4. Do not post just to boost your post count. This is easily identifiable and you will be caught. When replying to a thread please answer the OPs question as thoroughly as you possibly can.
5. Please report any rule violations to a mod or admin immediately to help keep the forum clean.
6. Do not reply to a spam post, this will feed the post views. I will hand out warnings if I find you replying to a spam post. These posts are very easy to recognize.

If you are found breaking any of these rules you will be warned and possibly receive an infraction that can result in a temp or permanent ban. Rules are not hard to follow, so please be sure you are keeping yourself in sync with them.