Our Windows Reseller ASP.NET Hosting Plan

Webhostforasp Windows Reseller Hosting is the revenue solution for entrepreneurs, webmasters, and Web site developers looking to make big profits by offering ASP.NET Web hosting to their clients, friends, and family.

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What do we provide?
We provide everything for you, from Control Panel , Anonymous DNS, Master ControlPanel, Technical Support and Integrated Billing with your Merchant Account. You just need to concentrate on finding new clients. All the hardwork has been done by us.

Get Started with Webhostforasp.net ASP.NET Reseller Hosting Plan!

A. Reseller 10 DNP PLAN
- Resell 10 Clients
- Space 80 GB
- Bandwidth 150 GB
- 5 MSSQL 2008
- 100 MySQL
- UNLIMITED Sub Domains
- Starting at $20.5 / month

B. Reseller 20 DNP PLAN
- Resell 20 Clients
- Space 80 GB
- Bandwidth 250 GB
- 10 MSSQL 2008
- 200 MySQL
- UNLIMITED Sub Domains
- Starting at $28.5 / month

C. Reseller 30 DNP PLAN
- Resell 30 Clients
- Space 100 GB
- Bandwidth 550 GB
- 15 MSSQL 2008
- 300 MySQL
- Free WHMCS Billing Software
- UNLIMITED Sub Domains
- Starting at $36.5 / month

D. Reseller 40 DNP PLAN
- Resell 40 Clients
- Space 150 GB
- Bandwidth 800 GB
- 20 MSSQL 2008
- 1000 MySQL
- Free WHMCS Billing Software
- UNLIMITED Sub Domains
- Starting at $46.5 / month

Below is the list of our Reseller web hosting features

Unlimited Reseller Depth
With our Reseller Plan, there is no limit on the reseller layer. You can resell a Reseller Plan also, and your reseller can resell Reseller plan and so on. No Limit and your client will never know you are our Reseller, because you can also resell reseller plan and the control panel is completely anonymous. You can also configure an addons and resell addons to your customer too.

Full Integrated Billing
DotNetPanel comes with Billing Features enabled. You can generate invoice, bill your clients on hosting expiry date. Suspend clients on bandwidth and diskspace overlimit and much more. DotNetPanel also support third party billing software such as WHMCS.

Unlimited Email Accounts
Why settle for limited email accounts with another web hosting provider ? Webcentral.com.my offer you free unlimited email accounts for your domain name. You can create anything@domainname.com for free. We do not limit on number of email accounts you create. And the good thing is you can access your email anywhere you like just like Yahoo or Hotmail email account. Our Email Server is powered with SmarterMail Mail Server.

Full automated Scripts and Software Installer
Want to install Blogging , E-commerce or CMS or perhaps Forum. We have it all. From the popular Joomla, PHPBB, WordPress, PhpNuke, DotNetNuke, SiteFinity. With all these tools, you can start your website even if you are newbies and don't know anything about html or coding. Some of the software above has automated installer features on our control panel where you can install in just one click.

MySQL and SQL Server 2008 Database
Free MySQL Database and SQL Server 2008 Database for Business Hosting Plan. You have the option to choose whether want to host your database using SQL Server or MySQL Server. SQL Server 2008 is the latest SQL Server from Microsoft and has a lot of improvements and performance compare to previous version.

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