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Toll Free: 1-(866)-331-6589 x101

Located in Vanwert, Ohio

BNE Host is located in Vanwert, Ohio. We are committed to excellence in the hosting industry, as well as customer satisfaction. We strive to bring the most reliable, and trusting services we can offer to every new client, old client and prospective client that visits our website.

We believe in quality over quantity. Saying that, we will never overload our servers just to make extra money! Our servers will only reach maximum 30% full, leaving room for our current customers on the server to grow and expand.

Bne Host thoroughly researches each and every prospective client before allowing them on our servers. This in return assists in "weeding out the bad". We care about our future clients, but cannot allow you to exploit our servers and ruin our current clients services and websites.

All customers of BNE Host are treated and looked at as much more then just a "client". You are part of our little family. We strive to help you grow, because if you grow we grow! No matter who you are, what kind of website you need to host. We will ALWAYS treat you as we treat our friends and family!

From everyone at BNE Host, Welcome to our website. If you have any questions or comments please email us at contact@bnehost.com.
We believe in quality over quantity.We treat you as more then just a client, when you join BNE Host, you are part of our family. BNE Host is located in Vanwert, Ohio.We constantly monitor our servers. Never experience data loss again. We constantly have server techs monitoring all of our servers. Chances are, if there is a problem with one of our servers, we will either have it fixed or be working on before it impacts any of our clients websites.

We constantly backup your data on our backup servers. Your files are 100% safe with us. Backing up your website does not cost you a dime. It is just one of the many free services we offer each and everyone of our clients. Need your backup? Email backups@bnehost.com and we will reply promptly!
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Shared Hosting Plans

Storage: 10,000MB
Bandwidth: 50,000MB
Speed: 1000Mbit
Price: $1.99 / Month
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Storage: 20,000MB
Bandwidth: 100,000MB
Speed: 1000Mbit
Price: $5.99 / Month
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Storage: 30,000MB
Bandwidth: 150,000MB
Speed: 1000Mbit
Price: $9.99 / Month
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Storage: 60,000MB
Bandwidth: 300,000MB
Speed: 1000Mbit
Price: $13.99 / Month
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Storage: 100,000MB
Bandwidth: 500,000MB
Speed: 1000Mbit
Price: $20.99 / Month
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Each Shared account comes with a very user friendly interface called cPanel. This allows you to manage your whole site all from your user interface. All shared accounts are setup on a 1GigE switch, which guarantee's blazing speeds all day.

We offer a risk free 15 day trial. If you are unhappy with our services, we will gladly refund you and assist you in finding the solution that best fits your needs. Even if it is with a different host. We will do our best to make sure you walk away with a smile!

Starting A Web Hosting Business

Cool Stuff We Allow On Our Servers:

Warez Linking
Porn Images
Porn Linking

We have found that most web hosts do not allow this, but we do. You are still liable for DMCA notices. We ourselves will not snoop through your files just to find this. What we don't know, don't hurt.