is a leader in the premium hosting community. We provide a far superior fully managed Dedicated hosting environment for a fraction of what you pay at those big guy websites! We dish out affordable, professional, quality and EXTREMELY PERSONAL solutions to clients around the world. BigScoots hosts mission critical million dollar operations and mom-and-pop outlets alike. We do not discriminate nor do we play favorites. You are our main priority despite what you bring to us, it doesn’t matter what hour of the morning, afternoon, evening or weekend, we're always here and we’ve always got you covered!

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Every single one of our packages did, has and always will come with Free Setup, Install and Migration – what’s crazy is that it’s not an industry standard! Now, this isn't the typical "setup" you see every host under the sun offer either. Where they just completely fail or at best end up charging a giant fee once they realize the set up requires more than a cPanel install. I’m talking full blown proactive monitoring, optimizing, building DNS clusters, recompiling, hardening, kernel rebuilding; give us the best you got, we beg you!

Check out your ping and download speed while you're at it:
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No? OK then, check out our rock solid network and details about us that will no doubt sway you in the right direction. It's OK to hitchhike, I promise, jump in our side car and let us show you what you've been missing!

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All Fully Managed Scoots Dedicated's include the following:

• BigScoots Management Portal
• Your choice of Linux operating system
• 24/7/365 Premium Scoots "Crew" Support and Proactive Monitoring!
• Full Root Access
• Instant Setup
• Centrally Located Chicago, IL Premium Data Center
• Enterprise Grade Hardware
• No Contracts!
• 100% Network Uptime
• FREE Migrations
• FREE Setup
• FREE eNom Domain Reseller Account

DScoots-i3 - Scoots Unparalleled Full Management!

• 1U Supermicro 4Bay Hot Swappable Chasis
• Intel Dual Core i3-2120 @ 3.30 GHz /w HT
• 4GB Dual DDR3-1333 MHz Memory
• 500 GB SATAII hard drive(s) @ 7200 RPM
• Port Speed: 100MBPS
• Dedicated IPs: 3
• 2000GB Outbound Premium Bandwidth
• Free Inbound Premium Bandwidth
• FREE cPanel

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Are you a Linux pro? Want to save a few extra bucks? Why not check out BigScoot's little brother. Our Unmanaged Dedicated plan that includes all the beautiful features our managed plans do, minus the Crew's unparalleled management and cPanel. Cheap, reliable and high performance machines. BAAM! The trifecta is here!

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It is our pleasure to stand guard and be ready to serve your every need! Hosting is our passion and we hope that it shows. We are forever thankful that our clients appreciate the services we provide to them and have continued to support us because of it. Please take your time when selecting a host as a poor one can certainly be detrimental to your online presence. Speak to our clients, check our reviews, take a peak at our site, we welcome criticism with open arms and truly believe BigScoots is the right choice for you -- remember, we guarantee it! We look forward to changing your opinion of hosting for the better, just as we have already changed hundreds of others. Experience the difference BigScoots can make for you!

Please feel free to check out our brand new and recently upgraded shared, reseller, VPS, hybrid and dedicated hosting solutions at BigScoots - Welcome to BigScoots – Chat with us! Call us! E-mail us! or submit a support ticket! In fact, do them all, as well as like us on FaceBook and follow our Twitter! We want to hear from you!

Kindest regards,

- BigScoots Crew