Brontobytes is pleased to announce the following Cloud VPS offer:

Offer is available to new customers only. The Coupon Code is: 10off

VPS 752
1.2GHz Dedicated CPU
752MB Dedicated RAM
20GB Disk Space
2TB Monthly Bandwidth
from 39/mo -10% Off Limited Time Offer!

VPS 1504
2.4GHz Dedicated CPU
1504MB Dedicated RAM
40GB Disk Space
4TB Monthly Bandwidth
from 79/mo -10% Off Limited Time Offer!

VPS 2256
3.6GHz Dedicated CPU
2256MB Dedicated RAM
60GB Disk Space
6TB Monthly Bandwidth
from 119/mo -10% Off Limited Time Offer!

VPS 3008
4.8GHz Dedicated CPU
3008MB Dedicated RAM
80GB Disk Space
from 159/mo -10% Off Limited Time Offer!

VPS 3760
6GHz Dedicated CPU
3760MB Dedicated RAM
100GB Disk Space
10TB Monthly Bandwidth
from 199/mo -10% Off Limited Time Offer!

Choice of multiple clouds throughout the Europe
Dozens of fully pre-configure operating system images

European Cloud VPS plan features...