Carpathia Deploys Scalable, Robust, Low-latency Managed Environment for World's Largest Independent Mobile Advertising Network

Dulles, Va. – April 18, 2012 – Carpathia Hosting, a provider of complex, compliant managed hosting services for government agencies and enterprises, announced today that InMobi, the world’s largest independent mobile advertising network, has selected Carpathia as a strategic worldwide hosting partner.

Carpathia hosts and manages the production infrastructure that allows InMobi to deliver its mobile ad platform to the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region. InMobi’s secure, scalable environment currently includes hundreds of servers, hosting over 1.5 Gbps of network traffic and is spread among Equinix data centers in San Jose and London, with the proposed addition of Hong Kong in the near future. By leveraging Carpathia to deliver managed infrastructure and network as a service, InMobi was able to expand into new geographic markets and avoid significant capital expenditures, while maintaining the highest level of support for its critical infrastructure.

“We looked at a variety of hosting providers, but from the start the experience with Carpathia was different,” said Mohit Saxena, co-founder and vice president of technology at InMobi. “Carpathia worked with our engineering team to design a solution that meets our high transaction volumes and requirements for extremely low latency. That, paired with Carpathia’s worldwide presence, allowed us to design a carrier grade platform using some very creative approaches.”

Carpathia currently provides hosting and managed services to some of the largest content and digital media providers on the Internet, including companies such as Spotify USA and Urban Airship. Carpathia has deep experience in providing and managing large amounts of bandwidth, specifically in delivering highly-available and low-latency networks.

With the ability to scale on-demand, content companies, advertising networks and content delivery services working with Carpathia see improved performance while still controlling costs and complexity. The combination of Carpathia’s global data center footprint, extensive industry knowledge and expertise in meeting global, infrastructure requirements through managed networks and bandwidth provided the foundation for a scalable solution that met InMobi’s requirements.

“InMobi had some very unique requirements when it came to transaction throughput and latency, as well as one of the most advanced data processing and analytics platforms in the industry,” said Jon Greaves, CTO of Carpathia Hosting. “We worked closely with the InMobi engineering team to design a solution to meet their business needs and cost engineer a solution to meet their financial metrics. The result provided a blueprint we were able to deploy in other geographies as InMobi continued its expansion.”

Through its alliance with global data center services provider Equinix, Carpathia has access to over 99 data center facilities in 38 markets across five continents. That global footprint, combined with Carpathia’s scalable and secure enterprise-grade complex, compliant hosting solutions, provides InMobi the support it needs to host its network of 578 million consumers in over 165 countries, through more than 93.4 billion monthly mobile ad impressions.

For more information on the solution provided to InMobi, read a case study at Carpathia Deploys Scalable, Low-latency Managed Environment for InMobi.