When you have developing ecommerce website, there are variety of features you should have in your shopping cart. Here are some features of Magento which I have revealed during my research on developing ecommerce website.

Product comparison is good feature which can force users to make decision instantly especially when they have confusion between two products,.You can integrate features with products belongs to same categories.

Instant discount deals and coupons generator. You can easily create daily deals or discount product section or coupon codes to give discount for specific group of product you want to.

You can define automated rules for URL rewriting and redirection when there is a need or you change the structure of website with purpose of search engine optimization.

There are plenty of site management tools which allow you to manage your inventory and process order easily with simple user interface design.

In short, Magento is one of the best ecommerce solution for ecommerce business which provides felxible solution as per your business value and revenue. You can get all these features at its official website which you must have a look before selecting any other ecommerce solution.