Layers of foam for extra support and cushioning.
Better support and better sleep
A removable, washable cover
Available in three sizes
Ideal for all dogs and cats
Quality bedding since 1870
Matching Iron Bed Frame

You need to spend at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night. Pet movement and noises greatly affect your sleep. Get your pet a new SSS PetCare® bed and you can both get a good nights sleep! Feel the difference with SSS Coil Spring Pet Bed and dog furniture. Better support, better sleep. Layers of foam, fabric, and fleece make this the ultimate in pet bedding. The SSS Coil Spring pet bed provides your pet with all the comfort and support qualities that any pet may need, whether for comfort or orthopedic care, the closest thing to your bed! Comes with removable, washable cover. Simply unzip the cover, machine wash, delicate, in cold water, and line dry. For added style and comfort, add the beautiful and sturdy Iron Bed Frame by Pet Goods. Shown is an inside view of the SSS Pet Care Pet Bed. Coil Spring Beds are the most supportive pet beds on the market. These coils are uniquely place to provide the most supportive and comfortable bed made for a dog. With layers of foam, fabric and fleece it's sure to keep your dog out of your bed and in his own. Also listed below are the many accessories you may need. Make sure you have extra sheets for those washing periods.

Resource: Wrought Iron Dog Bed with Coil Spring Mattress