The Freeleash hands-free leash system is an ergonomic, fully adjustable system for walking, running, or performing other activities with your dog.

The Petsafe Freeleash makes these activities more comfortable and fun, allowing greater freedom of motion, while minimizing stress to the body. Included with the Freeleash is (1) extension leash with special shock-absorbing coils. It adjusts from 2.5 to 5.5 feet. The extension also includes a quick release and a manual loop for restraining the dog, or to enable the extension leash to be used manually after the quick release function has been activated. Also, the Freeleash all-in-one contains all of the components in one package, including extendibility, shock-absorption, an anti-tangle swivel hook to connect multiple leads, quick release, padding, reflection, quick clip in carabineer, cinched water bottle/treat and baggy/cash holders.

The Freeleash is a unisex, one size-fits-all product that comfortably fits waists up to 55.

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